Hello, Hello! :D

How’s everyone’s Monday so far?

     I’m trying to do a new thing on Mondays where I go find the best makeup deals of the week and shop and score, and so with that I’m going to go ahead and share some awesome deals that I got today. My first class of the day was canceled and so was my end of the day class so I attended my one hour of the day class with my pumkin spiced latte in hand and once that was all done and over with I headed over to Rite Aid and CVS to score some major wins.

First up Rite Aid

pics 134

pics 135


     The best words anyone could ever see when it comes to shopping. Rite Aid was having a bogo sale on all eye, lip or concealer products of the Physicians Formula brand, and I just so happened to throw away all my mascaras last night due to them being way over the expiration date. So with all the choices I had, I tried to get a variety of them and I especially loved the sets that came with two mascaras with the price of one, so on top of the two for one and the bogo sale I scored major In the mascara department and got all 6 mascaras for only $20. My mom as well agreed it was an awesome deal so she par-took in it by taking one of my black mascaras before I could get a picture of all the mascaras.

pics 137

pics 138

pics 139

pics 140

pics 141

and lastly CVS

pics 144

CVS was also having a bogo sale on Wet n Wild products and within last month I feel in love with their matte lipsticks so I stocked up. My next post on Wednesday with have my whole collection of Wet n Wild lipsticks and swatches, so definitely look for that post Wednesday morning.

As for my Monday overall it’s been a pretty great day I scored some major deals, hardly had to go to class, aced a math test and am now going to end the day at a Warriors game with my boyfriend and his twin, which will be a new and fun thing since I’ve never gone to a basketball game before and I’ll post some pictures either tomorrow or on Wednesday’s post.

I hope you guys are having a great Monday and if not I hope your week gets better!

Thanks for Reading <3


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