My Morning Routine

Hello, Hello! :D

I don’t know if it’s just me but I love watching peoples morning and night routines on Youtube, so I decided to share my morning routine with you guys this morning.

I generally wake up around 7am everyday, I like to wake up earlier but that never works out for me. But I wake up and the first thing I do is play on my phone and check my emails and social media and usually when I come back my cat takes my warm blankets and then I decide this is probably the universes way of telling me to get out of bed. And of course the first thing I do is say good morning to my Lovely little bunnies. If anyone has seen or read my who am I? post then you know that I own three rabbits, yes three. So I feed them and I lay and I pet and just watch them eat, they honestly make my mornings so great. One day I will most likely do like a bunny bio of my three children because they really are quite fascinating cuties.


And yes believe or not these two girls

are identical twins, I don’t know how they are so similar and maybe it’s odd to call rabbits Identical but they have the same exact coloring on the same exact spot.

pics 051
This is my other one his name is Harrison



After saying good morning to my vast amount of animals I will go take a shower and do my normal routine and as well put on my make up for the day and pick out and out for the day and since today was Friday and I had no school and only had work at one I just went back into my pjs.


Today I started my food intake with steaming cup of green tea in a mug my boyfriend made just for me for some past holiday, and some scrambled eggs and toast. While cooking food and drinking tea I looked at my planner and figured out what I had to do for the day and what school  work I’ve been slacking and needed to catch up on.


I was honestly so proud of what I made it was so yummy and colorful and here is what I used, as well as eggs that were not pictured as I realize just now.




About 11 O’clock my friends wanted to get together and go Halloween shopping so I soon headed out the door to meet them but of course not before I feed my bush cat.


Now this cat has been around for less than a year now and we have no idea if he is a stray or is someones house pet who is outside 24/7 and one day he just came to me while I was taking the trash out and so I sat down and pet him. He is a sweetheart but a totally wuss if a leaf blew by, he got scared easily. But some days he looked skinnier than before so one day I gave him a small bowl of cat food and some water and ever since every morning and night I say hello and feed him after some lovely belly rubs.

And that my friends is pretty much my morning routine for the weekends, maybe next time I will do a school day morning routine even though it’s practically the same thing just rushed in a two hour span. Either way, if anyone has done a morning routine link it down below I’d love to see.

Thanks for Reading <3


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