Mondays!!! + Erin Condren Planner?

Hello, Hello! :D

How is everyone’s Monday? My first class of the day was canceled so I started my morning off with inviting the boyfriend, NIck over and making/ burning a majority of breakfast. Then headed to my only class of the day which happened to be math and we took a test today, and surprisingly even though I was late 10 minutes to class I finished it in 20 mins and was the second one done, and I’m confident enough to say I think I passed.

So then two hours later Nick was surprisingly hungry so we went to this adorable restaurant in Mountain View, CA called Crepevine and I don’t know if there are many other Crepevine’s but if you ever find yourself in Mountain View definitely go there. I mean look how cute the menu is;

pics 242

And for the exciting part of my day, my Erin Condren planner came in the mail today! I am so pumped! I’ve seen these last year and was kind of hesitant to get one but then I decided a few weeks ago why not? It’s literally so beautiful ha ha, I can not wait to get some stickers and pimp out my planner. Maybe later on I will do a “planner haul” or something and show what’s in my planner and how i decorated it? But for the mean time let us take a moment and admire the beauty of this planner. I literally couldn’t be happier today. I hope everyone’s Monday is great and if it isn’t, then at the end of the night do something that makes you happy whether it be a bubble bath, Netflix and chill, or maybe some spontaneous planner buying. Happy Monday!



Thanks for Reading <3


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