October Monthly Favorites

Hello,Hello! :D

It’s a bit later than I had hope to have done this post, but none the less this post is happening.  Be sure to leave a link to your post below if you’ve done your October favorites, I love reading them and trying new products.

Fake Eyelashes


I blame my friend Brittney for this obsession, because she is the one who introduced this little babies to me and showed me how to properly place the on your eyes with out making them all weird looking. So far I’ve tried the brands Eylure, Ardell, ELF, and and online brand True or False lashes.

Blue Suede Boot’s


The color didn’t really show to well on camera but these boots are a really deep dark blue suede and I got them at Target on clearance and oh my goodness I’m so in love with them, but oh boy to my feet hurt after a while wearing these. I guess you just have to break them in. Any tips on breaking shoes in?

Hydro Flash Travel Mug


My Dad randomly came home one day and gave me this mug cause I complain about how my tea and coffee goes cold too fast. And O MY GOODNESS! I can not stress enough on how amazing this thing is, it keeps your drink hot for up to six hours which it actually does, And if you put cold drinks it keeps cold for up to 24 hours. The best thing is that whether it has a hot or cold drink inside the outside won’t freeze you hands off the outside temperature just stays the same. I have no idea where he got this but you can find it on Amazon and they have various sizes and colors to chose for. Definitely worth getting.

Physician Formulas Organic Wear Mascara


This mascara is so nice it gives a natural look but with a small ounce of a dramatic look, it’s perfect for everyday wear.

Erin Condren Planner


At the beginning of the month I did a post of getting my Erin Condren planner and possibly when I use my planner a bit more I will definitely do a post about it, if you guys are interested.

Essie Black Nail Polish in Licorice


This color has literally never left my nails this past month, it’s been my go to, and matches with everything.

My Two Twin Rabbits

pics 105

Towards the end of the month I got the opportunity to grow my bunny family a bit larger and was able to adopt these two little rabbits from a family. Coming up I will definitely do a post of my rabbits, they are my world and they are so cute, I have three in total if you were curious.

Face Masks

pics 068

Face masks are AMAZING! My skin is actually not so sensitive so i can be able to do two or three in a day and not have my skin dried out or have a reaction. I’m obsessed with the charcoal pore strips there awesome, just the other day I talked my boyfriend, Nick into doing one, granted that’s probably the only time he’ll ever let me do that again. Ha ha.

Social Media

I am proud to say that just the other day I am all set up on social media, definitely don’t be shy and go ahead and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Instagram: WMFrecklesG

Twitter: WMFrecklesG

Pinterest: Addym97

Amazon Prime

I’ve had Amazon prime for quite a while but this past month I’ve been ordering things like crazy and it’s honestly the best thing every to had free two day shipping and not to mention if you end up having to return something its the easiest thing in the world. And I believe they have some discount thing for students to make amazon prime cheaper than normal which is also a major plus.

Thanks for Reading <3


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