I live on a Farm?

Hello, Hello! :D

Today I thought I’d introduce my vast amount of pets to you. If anyone has read my previous post you will see that I’ve mention once or twice my pets and today I will introduce you to them.


pics 051

This is my first rabbit named Harrison, and he holds a special place in my heart. I got him when he was just a wee little baby at a barn type of place in Morgan Hill, California, he was just in a small fenced off area indoors with about 25 other little baby bunnies and I didn’t plan on getting a rabbit that day but i just picked him up and he sat in my arms and melted my heart.

iphone pics 394

iphone pics 409 pics 017

Today makes him about 8 months old and he is a Neither land Dwarf so he will stay as small as he currently is in the pictures below

pics 063 pics 125

Harrison love’s to play chase with the cat and will run circles around you all day, he would much rather eat a bucket of spinach than some carrots and bananas are his weakness.

Lucy and Casey

pics 017 (2)

These two were also an unexpected purchase. I wanted to get a girl bunny for Harrison because I thought he could use a friend and I always admired the Holland Lop rabbits because their ears are so cute. Well I actually found them on craigslist and I only planned on getting one except as soon as my mom heard there was two and they were twins (they are from the same litter and very identical) she insisted I get both.

pics 118
The two girls cuddling with my boyfriend, NIck. Lucy is the one closest to his face and Casey is the one closet to his knee.
pics 160
pics 020 (2)
Casey is the one hiding in the closet and Lucy is the outside the closet looking at herself in the mirror

pics 029 pics 046 pics 163

pics 161
pics 119
Casey is the one showing her face and Lucy is the one underneath.
pics 123
Harrison and Casey

Lucy is the more courageous one of the two, she will definitely come up to you no problem especially if you have some veggies in hand, she is the protector of Casey and if there is any threat like the evil vacuum cleaner Lucy will jump up and protect her sister. She is the destroyer of carpets (we’re still working on that) and always dumps her bowl of pellets and buries it and then begs for more. Casey is the shy, timid one but will cuddle if you put her on your bed or the couch. She follows her sister around like a little train and the more toys she has the merrier she is.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can you tell the girls apart? – Lucy has a bright color of her brassy fur and Casey has more brown in the face and as well in size Casey is larger.
  • How old are they? – Today makes them about four months old
  • Do all three of them get along? – Casey and Harrison do, it’s a peaceful relationship between the two, as for Lucy and Harrison, not so much they are both dominant personalities and so we are still working on the love rather than the war.


pics 204

Belle is one of the family cats but she is more fond of me rather than anyone else in the family, therefor she is mine. She arrived Christmas time in 2012 to us and her full name is actually Jingle Bell but we call her Belle for short. She is a very sassy, opinionated cat, doesn’t appreciate pets when not asked for and is fascinated by the rabbits but from a height to where they can’t touch her. And off the top of my head I believe she is about 4 or 5 years old


The cat pictured as the main image is Tyler, he is the other family cat and he is about 13-14 years old. There isn’t much to say about him but that he is and old, cuddly cat.

Tyler enjoying a cat nap
Tyler enjoying a cat nap on my bed.

Some people say I live on a farm and majority of the times I agree. But I love my animals they are so fascinating and over time I’ve learned so much from each pet I’ve own and it’s definitely formed my personality into who I am. Anyone else own a pet rabbit or any other kinds of pets?

Thanks for Reading <3


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