Fall Favorites Tag

Hello, Hello! :D

So lately all over Youtube I’ve seen Youtubers do this tag. I’m not really sure if doing these tags are a thing in the blogging world, but I’ve decided to give it a try. And as for the tagging part, I tag anyone who is reading this.

What is your Favorite Candle?

I’ve been majorly addicted to Marshmallow Fireside lately this year, I have a bunch of other favorite candles and Ill post the link to my previous post about my favorite fall candles here.

What is your favorite fall lip color?

Vamp it up by Wet n Wild it’s almost like a black color but really it’s a deep purple.

What is your favorite fall Drink?

Latte’s in general but Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are my go to this season.

What is your favorite blush?

Nyx terra cotta it’s simple peachy color and the peachy nude colors are my favorite blushes in general.

What is your favorite clothing item?

Leggings is kind of a no brainier for me, Leggings are my go to for everything whether it be for workout, rain or shine, pj’s or dressed up with some boots and such.

What is your favorite fall movie?

Honestly I don’t really watch movies as much as I’ll watcha Tv series on Netflix but a good classic fall movie I guess would have to be Nightmare Before Christmas because it about Halloween but yet mentally prepares me that Christmas is coming soon as well.

What is your favorite fall TV show?

AMERICAN HORROR STORY! Hands down. The best.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Potatoes are my weakness in general so I would have to say Mashed potatoes, But like hand made that were like hand peeled and now just made out of a box where you just add water.

What is your favorite Halloween costume?

My favorite Halloween Costume this year would have to be the dear makeup look it’s very simple and easy but yet so pretty.

Let me know what your favorite are down below.

Thanks for Reading<3


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