Fall Favorites Tag

Hello, Hello! :D So lately all over Youtube I’ve seen Youtubers do this tag. I’m not really sure if doing these tags are a thing in the blogging world, but I’ve decided to give it a try. And as for the tagging part, I tag anyone who is reading this. What is your Favorite Candle? … More Fall Favorites Tag

I live on a Farm?

Hello, Hello! :D Today I thought I’d introduce my vast amount of pets to you. If anyone has read my previous post you will see that I’ve mention once or twice my pets and today I will introduce you to them. Harrison This is my first rabbit named Harrison, and he holds a special place in my … More I live on a Farm?

My Morning Routine

Hello, Hello! :D I don’t know if it’s just me but I love watching peoples morning and night routines on Youtube, so I decided to share my morning routine with you guys this morning. I generally wake up around 7am everyday, I like to wake up earlier but that never works out for me. But … More My Morning Routine