Candle Favorites

Hello, Hello! :D Today I decided to share mine and every other beauty guru’s favorite things in fall, CANDLES! As you can see in the picture above I have a lot of candles, and I’m proud of it :D. But out of my vast collection I wanted to share my top favorites candles that I … More Candle Favorites


Hello, Hello! :D How’s everyone’s Monday so far?      I’m trying to do a new thing on Mondays where I go find the best makeup deals of the week and shop and score, and so with that I’m going to go ahead and share some awesome deals that I got today. My first class of … More MONDAYS!!!

Bedroom Update

Hello Hello :D Just the other day I received my new tapestry I got from Amazon and I was stoked. I’m trying to upgrade my room from various color theme to a white and grey theme, and my new tapestry fits in so well. I also went to Home goods the other day and got … More Bedroom Update

Desk Organization

Hello, Hello! :D Today I decided to update my desk instead of being a massive clutter in my desk I wanted to organize it and make it beyond easier to find what I’m looking for. My desk is the Micke desk from Ikea and the organizers I use I got at Tjmaxx the big ones were … More Desk Organization